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Paving a gravel driveway can greatly enhance curb appeal as well as increase your real estate value. An asphalt driveway has advantages over a concrete driveway; it is more flexible and less apt to heave or crack. It also costs less. A fresh asphalt driveway will add beauty to your home and provide you with a high investment return.

Protect your Asphalt ... Maintenance & Repair

Today due to the ever-increasing cost of replacing asphalt, it is in your best interest to protect the investment you have in your present asphalt driveway or parking lot.

As soon as asphalt is laid, an aging process begins.  This process is necessary for the pavement to become firm and hard.  Over time asphalt will begin to deteriorate and repair is necessary to keep it from becoming completely destroyed.  Deterioration of asphalt is usually caused by one or all of the following factors:

Δ    Spillage of oil or gas causing softening or decay of asphalt
Δ    Weathering or oxidation of the asphalt
Δ    Moisture penetrating the pavement

If you're asphalt is in need of repair, there are several options depending on the severity of the deterioration:

Δ    Patching is often used to fix pot holes, wide cracks, and other deteriorated areas on existing asphalt.  This requires old asphalt to be saw-cut, excavated, removed, and repaved with proper sub-base and compaction.

Δ    Overlaying 2" - 3" of asphalt is used to temporarily hide the cracks, pot holes, and deterioration.  This will mask the problem, but does not fix the sub-base problem.  It is likely that the cracks will show up again in a year or two after the overlay.

Δ    Tearing out the existing and replacing it with new asphalt.  All existing asphalt is removed and trucked away; upon inspection it may be necessary to add additional stone before the base is re-compacted and a new asphalt base and top coat are added. 

Note:  The strength of the asphalt pavement is determined by the depth and compaction of stone base and asphalt applied as recommended per type of traffic uses.

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